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Clogged Filter Intake

Hello. So over the summer I set up a 20 gallon long with a colony of endlers and some cory cats. I have an Aqueon QuietFlow 30 filter with the sponge filter from an Aquaclear 30 over the intake. Im having a problem where the sponger filter on the Aqueon is getting clogged and basically reducing the filters flow to zero. Last week I added an Aquaclear 20 to help, but the Aqueon was clogged once again. Are there any sponge filters with a more porous foam that I could use instead It seems as though...

If Platies in stores are all hybridized witih Swordtails...

Im researching before setting up a new 40 gallon breeder planted community, and I wanted to get 3-5 male Platies. I want all males so they dont reproduce and overstock my tank. And as I considered that I was remembering that most Platies I could get at stores nowadays are actually hybrids of different Platy and Swordtail species, and I was wondering if I was more likely to run into aggression in that case. Now Im wondering if sources that talk about male Platies being very peaceful toward eac...

Un-Hungry Common Pleco

Aloha All,Been a bit of a spectator of late...Sorry, and I hope all had a great summer!To the point, our daughters 6" long common "pleco," "Plekster," doesnt seem to be eating. We introduced "him" to her 29 gal hardscape tank early August. The tank has a large piece of driftwood as a centerpiece and "bolt hole," several small river stones, and fine, light colored gravel. Plekster had been nibbling blanched zucchini, but seems to have lost interest. ...

Hello from Indianapolis.

I have kept fish in the past but after going through some tough times after a divorce am finally settled down enough to start back up. I am going back like I first started in the 70s with a ten gallon and get a larger set up by the end of the year. I hope to be able to catch up on what I might have missed out on in the last ten years. Thanks...

circulation pump

I am installing a circulation pump on my 30gal freshwater tank. The pump is sized to the tank. Where would be a good place to install it Is it better a couple of inches below the water or 5 or 6 inches below water level...


I noticed a couple of days ago one of my Yellow Tail Aceis had a couple of white spots on its body. I of course was concerned right away, but wasnt convinced it was ich just yet. But there were other signs of it (multiple fish flashing (though some of this is normal) etc. Anyway today the 1 fish in question has more white spots, and also 1 of the spots looks like a tiny thread hanging from its body, so... Here we go. I have already started the process of slowly heating up the aquarium (125 gallo...