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Dwarf Gourami with Zebra Danios?

I have a question for the collective wisdom here on the forum...Do you think it would work out to keep a Dwarf Gourami with Zebra DaniosI have a 5.5 gallon tank on my desk that is currently home to 5 Zebra Danios and one Black Racer Nerite Snail. I also plan to add about three Asian Stone Catfish (Hara jerdoni). But I want one "centerpiece" fish with a bit of color. For those who remember me (good to be back on the forum, by the way) youll recall that I get a bee in my bonnet about the...

Meal Worms

Hi I Was at a hardware store recently and found freeze dried meal worms for feeding the birds. If I ground the worms up would they be a tasty treat for fish I read the package to see if there was any chemicals used in the freeze drying process. Thanks...

New fish

Hi glad to be back on the forum. I have 2 new members of my community tank. The are Syn Petricola. I found them at the GCCA meet. What a cool catfish. I have them with small1-1 1/2angels and Strawberry Danios. I read up on them and believe these are a good fit for the tank. I would like to know if what I am feeding them will be good for them. Some sinking pellets, freeze dried brine shrimp - tubleflex worms - daphnia as well quality flake. They stay on the bottom[naturally] Should I feed them ...

Randomly Banned?

Over the past several months Ive been randomly banned from the forum for no apparent reason. The first time it happened I sent several emails and never received a response. Eventually I was just randomly unbanned. The second time it happened I gave up on trying to contact anyone because I had never received a response the first time. Today, out of boredom, I decided to check and once again I was randomly unbanned. Obviously there is some type of problem. I used to enjoy the forum and was thinkin...

Clogged Filter Intake

Hello. So over the summer I set up a 20 gallon long with a colony of endlers and some cory cats. I have an Aqueon QuietFlow 30 filter with the sponge filter from an Aquaclear 30 over the intake. Im having a problem where the sponger filter on the Aqueon is getting clogged and basically reducing the filters flow to zero. Last week I added an Aquaclear 20 to help, but the Aqueon was clogged once again. Are there any sponge filters with a more porous foam that I could use instead It seems as though...

If Platies in stores are all hybridized witih Swordtails...

Im researching before setting up a new 40 gallon breeder planted community, and I wanted to get 3-5 male Platies. I want all males so they dont reproduce and overstock my tank. And as I considered that I was remembering that most Platies I could get at stores nowadays are actually hybrids of different Platy and Swordtail species, and I was wondering if I was more likely to run into aggression in that case. Now Im wondering if sources that talk about male Platies being very peaceful toward eac...